The Band

  • Eric Anderson

    Eric Anderson

    Lead Vocals, Guitar

    Eric Anderson is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who grew up in Boca Raton Florida. He attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and also achieved his Audio Arts Engineering Certificate at Full Sail University for the recording arts in Orlando, Florida. After relocating to Richmond in 2001, Eric worked professionally in Audio Engineering as well as gigging extensively in both the greater Richmond area as well as the greater Mid Atlantic region. Eric brings the passion of being a lifelong Rolling Stones fan to all of his performances.

  • Tom Crosby

    Tom Crosby

    Bass, Backing Vocals

    ​Tom Crosby started his bass career in middle school, and has been active in the Richmond Music scene for over 30 years after returning from Nashville where he played in various bands during college. Bands in Richmond he has been in include King Solomon’s Marbles, The Bart Chucker Band, Vinyl Tease, Sister Sweet, Fennario and Outside Help among others. He’s been a member of an REM cover band (Onion Head), a Beatles cover band (Instant Karma Band), a Grateful Dead cover band (King Solomon’s Marbles), and blues bands (Outside Help, The Blues Gnus, Three Borne). His love of playing Stones originated with his first band in middle school where several Stones songs were a part of their repertoire. Currently he’s also a member of Kooler Heads, a jam band playing originals and covers.

  • John Leslie

    John Leslie

    Saxophone, Backing Vocals

    John Leslie has enjoyed a successful career as a professional saxophonist. Having graduated from the Manhattan School of Music, John went on to perform on scores of arena stages throughout the world. He has made numerous television network appearances, including NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, MTV’s MTV Music Awards, and NBC’s The Show Formerly Known as Martin Short, and has participated in numerous recording sessions. He has worked with the likes of The Monkees, The Righteous Brothers, Eric Carmen, Wilson Phillips, Debbie Gibson, and Merry Clayton (Gimme Shelter), among others, earning multiple gold and platinum records along the way.

  • Dave Hess

    Dave Hess

    Drums, Backing Vocals

    Dave Hess is a 30-year veteran of the Richmond music scene who is known for his hard-hitting grooves, tight pockets and tasty backing vocals. Dave has played with many bands over the years, including Glue, Fabled Automatic, Workhorse Blue, the Trailer Court Marshals, Rob Williams, The Atkinsons and Paulo Franco and the Freightliners. Dave has long admired Charlie Watts drumming and sound and seeks to recreate his parts with authenticity while still putting his own spin the songs.

  • Dean Berry

    Dean Berry

    Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

    Dean Berry is the lead guitar player for Mother’s Little Helpers.

  • Jon Barnes

    Jon Barnes

    Lead Guitar

    Jon Barnes is the lead guitar player for Mother’s Little Helpers.

  • Larry Nelson

    Larry Nelson


    Larry Nelson is the keyboard player for Mother’s Little Helpers.

  • Gary Fralin

    Gary Fralin


    Gary Fralin is the keyboard player for Mother’s Little Helpers.

  • Mark Szafranski

    Mark Szafranski

    Keyboards, Vocals

    Mark Szafranski is a vocalist and keyboard player for Mother’s Little Helpers.

  • Tina Marie

    Tina Marie

    Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

    Tina Marie is a vocalist, guitar player and keyboard player for Mother’s Little Helpers.